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About Us

Our social innovation story

Billions of digital ad impressions are wasted everyday.


Mark Levin saw this as an opportunity and created ads4change; a digital advertising platform for social enterprises and non-profits to promote their mission, vision, and values on the world's top websites, for a fraction of the cost of a typical ad spend. Mark is a successful entrepreneur with an extensive background in digital marketing.


Mark teamed up with social innovator, Steph Cantor, to reach the world's leading mission-driven organizations and together, they launched ads4change in 2020. Steph has a deep passion for using business to create measurable impact, she holds a Masters Degree in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and has spent most of her career in various aspects of management consulting. ads4change is committed to their mission of making digital advertising on the world’s top websites more accessible to social impact organizations whose work and impact deserves a wider reach.


ads4change already has over $20M committed in digital ads for the platform and is growing, exponentially.
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